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Tiotropium (tee oh tro pee um)

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Know in short about medicine Spiriva Rotacaps 18mcg:

Spiriva is the dosing available in form of Rotacaps which a patient of age 6 years and older can use with ease to cope up with case of respiratory difficulties such as Bronchospasm, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Asthma & COPD. The medicinal active agent enclosed in brand Spiriva is Tiotropium Bromide. This medicine relaxes the airways and keep them dilated or open for keeping ease while breathing.

Know the methodology via Spiriva dosing acts:

The mechanism via Spiriva Rotacaps exhibits its effect over the patient dealing with respiratory troubles is relaxing the airways by dilating the smooth muscles overcoming the air passage inflammation by preventing the release of certain chemicals that trigger inflammation and allergic development. This is done by the medicine on binding antagonistic to a muscarinic receptor that causes airways congestion.

Know the Spiriva dosing schedule you should follow:

An adult patient suffering from a disorder of lungs and airways like Asthma & COPD has to take 2 puffs of Tiotropium Bromide (Spiriva) for once a day till span of 4-8 weeks following manner prescribed by a physician. In case of missed dosing take as two puffs of Spiriva as soon as you remember but if time to next dosing is near then don't overdose else the outcome might be serious.

Know some pernicious effects of using Spiriva:

Some pernicious effects people beginning with Spiriva dosing can get are like dizziness, pain in the lower jaw, tachycardia, raised heartbeats, noisy breathing, tremor, sweating, restlessness and mood swings,

Know about precautions that one should take while puffing Spiriva:

  • People with weak immune system should stay away from people having cough symptoms
  • Take Spiriva inhalation daily at same time and avoid skipping
  • Spiriva is not for children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers use
  • Patients suggested to not to drive motor after taking the puffs of Spiriva

Dehortations allied to Spiriva medicine:

  • Evade taking puffs of Spiriva in case you're allergic to its after use
  • Patients with past history of osteoporosis should restrict Spiriva long-term use
  • Do not puff this medicine in conditions like TB, glaucoma, infection due to bacterial invasion

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