Pulmicort Inhaler For Asthma

Pulmicort Inhaler

Budesonide (byoo-DESS-oh-nide)

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Therapeutic indications and salient features of Pulmicort Inhaler:

Pulmicort is an inhalation therapy heavily relied upon for the effective management of Asthma, COPD and allergic rhinitis and to stop the exacerbation of it. The drug is effective in treatment of inflammation that occurs in the airways, a condition where the muscles surrounding the bronchi get swollen due to the inflamed passage of airway and thus air quantity is reduced. Pulmicort is an inhalation therapy that acts directly in the lungs to treat this situation and solve the breathing issues of a person.

How  Pulmicort Inhaler exerts its effects?

Budesonide is the therapeutically active ingredient of Pulmicort which is classified as an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid drug that shows remedial response by exhibiting potent glucocorticoid activity and by diminishing the overactivity of various inflammatory mediators that have a role in aggravation of the situation. This is how it stops the inflammation n such conditions and allows a person to breathe easy.

Dosing knows how and mode of administration:  

Pulmicort is available as an inhaler and has to be taken in the way described. The mouthpiece of the inhaler should be grabbed by the lips with a slight upliftment of head. The moment you puncture or press the actuator, drug in form of aerosols, flows inside body and you should immediately breathe in strong but deep fashion.

 The most recommended dose for the management of Asthma is 360 mcg via oral inhalation taken two times a day. In a few patients, the initial requirement is lower and can be fulfilled with 180 mcg taken two times a day. The dose can be increased within 1 to 2 weeks time. The dose mentioned above is not an alternative to doctor's prescription.

Contraindications of Pulmicort Inhaler:

A few medical cases which do not entertain the use of this medication are

  • Hepatic disorder
  • Osteoporosis, low mineral density
  • Glaucoma, Cataracts, or Herpes infection
  • Infections caused by bacteria, fungi or virus
  • Allergy to any food material or Budesonide
  • Tuberculosis


Side effects associated with this therapy:  

Some of the side effects that appear in a few individuals after the use of this therapy are chills, cold, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, sneezing, abdominal pain, blurred vision, and nervousness.

Precautionary measures of Pulmicort Inhaler:

This is not a rescue medication, do not take it when the exacerbation has already begun, it will have little effect. If any positive effects are not seen or the condition seems to worsen, meet with your doctor. Inhalation technique should be well known, learn it before taking the medication. Have a through an understanding of the product and whether it has any ill effects if case you get pregnant and want to continue with this medication. 

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