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Pregnyl-HCG-Hucog 2000IU

human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

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A brief overview of the product Pregnyl 2000 IU:

Pregnyl is one such outstanding fertility medications that have accomplished the dream of becoming a mother of many infertile women all over the world. It is a hugely using fertility medication, which is becoming illustrious day by day due to its successful attributes in leading ovulation and thus managing causing pregnancy in a woman. Additionally, men having the anguish of hypogonadism and boys struggling with delayed puberty can also utilize this medication for defeating their complications. The main functioning module present in Pregnyl is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

Action mechanism of Pregnyl 2000 IU:

Pregnyl (HCG) influence development of egg as well as the release of a matured egg whilst ovulation and encourage ovulation. In males, it escalates sperm count level through actuating testosterone production in Leydig cells. Additionally, it also prompts spermatogenesis process in Sertoli cells that in turn increases sperm count. Apart from this, it also triggers the formation of androgen in men that leads to the development of male secondary sensual characteristics.   

Dosing Scheme of Pregnyl :

Pregnyl is usually reachable in the dosage form of injection and its dose strength of 2000 IU is its most favorable dose strength. For stimulating ovulation in women:  A dose of 5000-10,000 IU is advised to be injected following intramuscular or subcutaneous route following last day of menotropins. For managing hypogonadism in males: A dose of 500-1000 IU, to be given IM or SC,  thrice a week for 3 weeks followed by an analogous dose two times in a single week for three weeks is suggested. For managing Pubertal Cryptorchidism: A 500 IU dose via IM or SC, thrice a week for 4-6 weeks is counseled.

Conflicting factors with Pregnyl 2000 IU:

You are not supposed to pursue treatment with Pregnyl if you are having any of the mentioned below condition:

  • a thyroid or adrenal gland disorder
  • hormone-related cancer such as prostate cancer
  • breast, uterus, ovary cancer      
  • ovarian cyst
  • early puberty
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease


Possible malicious effects with Pregnyl 2000 IU:

Pregnyl is a well-tolerated parental preparation, however, in rare cases it may cause its user, to face some malicious effects that are like as of a headache, breast tenderness or swelling, feeling restless or irritable, mild swelling, pain or irritation at the injection site.


Precautions crucial to be taken with Pregnyl 2000 IU:

  • Inject the medication using disinfected needles and syringes.
  • Take doctor's advice prior using this injection if you breastfeed.
  • Always administer the injection in a proper manner and if you lack the knowledge about injecting the drug assist a skilled person who knows how to inject properly.


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