Myambutol 800mg

Myambutol 800mg

Ethambutol (e-THAM-byoo-tole) 800 mg

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Pharmaceutical briefing about Myambutol:

Myambutol is most preferred prescription drug for the treatment of tuberculosis of lungs and other bacterial infections that invades in the body and produces dis-ease. TB if not cured within a specific time range than it can spread aggressively to other vital regions such as spine and brain. Generic ingredient to this brand is USFDA recognized and approved Ethambutol-a.

Myambutol pharmacology of action:

Ethambutol is an acclaimed active chemical moiety enclosed in branded formulation Myambutol 800mg tablets. Medicine on intake resists the bacterial synthesis, division, and multiplication by acting to inhibit the function of the specific function of enzymes Arabinosyl Transferase. This enzyme specifically functions by hindering the polymerization of arabinose into arabinan & arabinogalactan, the crucial mycobacterial cell wall component. Therefore, shatters Myambutol spread of infection to lungs.

Myambutol dosage recommendation for TB patients:

Myambutol is a solid unit dose tablet formulation available in strength 800mg. this medicine is never alone to the patients but is given is conjoint to other drugs of Multi-Drug treatment. Gulp this dose with a glass full of water before/after taking the meals. Patients suffering from renal impairment need to undergo dose adjustment.

Adverse indications to the usage of Myambutol:

Do not take it else you might encounter these side effects like appetite shut down, stress, feeling hot inside body, pain and bump over the joints, upset digestion, headache, and nausea.

Cautionary measures to be taken with Myambutol usage:

Know these safety tips:

  • Cautionary task must not be done after it as this causes dizziness
  • Do not take this medicine for long stretched timings
  • It does not work under the presence of vaccines in the body like given treatment Typhoid, therefore, take physician advice.
  • Alcohol may risk you chronic liver troubles so avoid boozing.

Contradictory clinical cases allied to Myambutol:

Do not ingest it in following medical conditions:

  • Past history of kidney or liver impairment
  • Gouty arthritis
  • Eye infections or optic nerve inflammation
  • Hypersensitivity to any chemical of the medicine
  • Skip using this medicine if your age is below 13 years.



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