Myambutol 400mg

Myambutol 400mg

Ethambutol (e-THAM-byoo-tole) 400 mg

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Therapeutic uses of Myambutol:

Myambutol is given to those patients who are going through tuberculosis. It is an infection that attacks the lungs; this problem spreads to other parts of the body like brain or spine. This medicine is especially advised for treating bacterial infections that works by stopping the growth of the bacteria. Generic compound Ethambutol-a FDA approved compound is present in Myambutol branded medicine. You can now use this medicine alone, take this medicine in combination with another drug.

Working with the action of Myambutol:

The working of action of Ethambutol is not known completely. This drug has the property of stopping bacterial activity by inhibiting arabinosyl transferase, this is an enzyme that polymerizes arabinose into arabinan and then arabinogalactan, that is a mycobacterial cell wall component.

Dosage recommendation of Myambutol:

Myambutol comes in tablet formulation that is available in dosing strength of 400 mg. This drug is intended to take by oral route with a large amount of water. You need to prefer one tablet of this medicine in the morning, once in a day.

Contra indicatory conditions of Myambutol:

  • DO NOT take it you have a history of kidney or liver disease or gout or eye problem.
  • DO NOT take it, if you are allergic to any compound present in Myambutol medicine.
  • DO NOT take it, if your age is below than 13 years.
  • DO NOT take it, if you have optic nerve inflammation.

Noxious effects of Myambutol:

Some of the noticed side effects of Myambutol are a loss of appetite, chills, anxious, hot skin, pain and swelling of the joints, fever, upset stomach, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Precautionary measures of Myambutol:

  • It may cause dizziness, so avoid such works that need your mind 'alertness.
  • Avoid it for long time use.
  • It may stop the working of live bacterial vaccines such as typhoid, so we advise you not to take any vaccination or immunization unless your doctor told you to do so.
  • Alcohol may augment the risk of a liver problem when you are already taking Myambutol. So avoid alcoholic products.

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