Fluticasone (flew TIH cah sewn)

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Know briefly about Flovent Inhaler:

Fluticasone is the premier choice for the patients that are struggling with breathing issues like Asthma and other breathing difficulties like wheezing, cough, breathing insufficiency or shortness. People due to changing season suffers from severe allergic episodes or due to any possible cause develops inflammation in the airways that connect to lungs can take the Flovent Inhaler puffs and overcome their respiratory dysfunction.

Know the mechanism via Flovent Inhaler acts:

Fluticasone embraced in Flovent medication prohibits the probability of asthma attacks to the minimum by countering the release of certain chemicals and neurotransmitters responsible to produce inflammation in the airways supplying to lungs. This medicine gives ease to patients that are dealing with respiratory difficulties to breathe without applying a force overcoming discomforts like an itch, cough, and sneezing.

Right dosing of Flovent Inhaler for empowering control over asthma:

To manage effective control over asthmatic condition an adult can take Fluticasone propionate aerosol puffs for about two times a day, beginning with minimal dosing strength of 88mcg. Later the dosing can raise to 100mcg strength for achieving the desired effect. In case of missed dose take the puff of Flovent as soon as you recall but if time to next dosing is near than you can skip puffing overdose else the effects you get might turn threatening.

Cautions one need to take while taking puffs of Flovent:

  • People that have weak immune system & are taking Flovent should maintain a safe distance from those that are sick or have a cough
  • Flovent inhaler is not a safe choice for patients below 4 years age
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding are some clinical conditions in which prior advice of physician is must

Pernicious effects allied to use of Flovent Inhaler:

Some patients when to continue the use of Flovent medication have to counter some adverse indications like the sense of nausea, puking out, headache, fatigue, indigestion, cold and asthma symptoms.

Dehortations allied to Flovent medicine use:

  • Evade employing this medicine in case get some allergic symptoms
  • Patients with family history of osteoporosis should not use this medicine for long-term
  • In conditions like tuberculosis, herpes infection, glaucoma, low bone mineral density or infection due to bacterial invasion one should not use this medicine. 
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