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Women Health

A woman undergoes varied phases with different hormonal fluctuations so that she can attain puberty, prepare for physical intercourse and pregnancy, can breastfeed her child, and attain menopause. Every phase is defined with hormonal balance and imbalance cycles that happen in her life with change lifestyle, daily habits, environment, and many other things. Thus, women's health is a unique concern due to such unique health issues.

Varied concerns include disturbance of menstrual cycle, prevention of pregnancy or birth control, infertility, termination of unwanted gestation, pregnancy duration and then menopause stage. Hence, for every health concern, one or more issues may be linked that needs to be treated, prevented, controlled and managed depending on the condition with the help of medical regimen.

Some examples for better women health include Plan B, Yasmin, Mircette, Dianette and many different brands for preventing the risk of pregnancy when you do not wish to get pregnant due to any reason and the protection fails or you forget to use the protection. If anyhow, the pregnancy may happen and you do not wish to continue the pregnancy then you can easily and privately end and remove that undesired gestation by using abortion pills. Some common and widely used examples of abortion pills include RU486, Korlym, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Cytotec, and MTP Kit.

Some women may encounter with infertility issues also due to a disturbance in ovulation process that may be treated by using a medicine called Clomid and many other that is effective to manage PCOD condition in women causing infertility. Some medical regimens are used to treat some other complications such as in vaginal infections, endometriosis, hormone replacement therapy, and in stimulating the sensual arousal in women during decreased libido. 

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