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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease affecting mainly of lungs. This contagious disease spreads from one person to another through bacteria that causes the infection. Mode of disease transmission is mainly through minute droplets release into the air after they sneeze or a cough. A person with tuberculosis may encounter with some significant signs and symptoms of coughing for more than three or more weeks, chest pain, or pain with coughing or breathing, coughing up blood, fever, chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, or night sweats. This disorder may affect other body parts also such as kidneys, brain or spine. The occurrence of tuberculosis outside the lungs may show different symptoms depending on the organ involved. Hence, if you or any person notices any of such underlying symptoms, they should consult the physician immediately.

Tuberculosis happens due to many reasons such as when your body is infected with some other infections, in case of drug-resistant strains of the bacterium, weak immune system, malnutrition, age, and many other. Bacteria causing tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Hence, medical therapies are used to treat the condition of tuberculosis and such drugs are called as anti-tuberculosis drugs. These drugs kill that bacterium, which causes tuberculosis and thus helps in the treatment. Varied brands and generics are used for the treatment and the actual dosing regimen depends on the patient's conditions and the severity of infection or disease.

Few examples of anti-tuberculosis medicine include Pyzina 500mg, Pyzina 750mg, Rifadin, Myambutol 200mg, Myambutol 400mg, Myambutol 600mg, Myambutol 800mg, Myambutol 1000mg etc.

Additionally, patients with tuberculosis should have to consider some preventive measures such as the covering of mouth, proper ventilation in a room, avoiding going work or school and by staying at home, and try to wear a mask. Combine these measures with your medical treatment and you will be better soon.

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