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Why Ambien/ Stilnoct CR 12.5 mg indicated for ?

Ambien/ Stilnoct CR is indicated for the persons who are going through insomnia. This medicine helps a person to fall asleep and stay sleeping for longer hours. A good sleep is very important to make any person feel fresh for the whole day otherwise the person got irritated and it influences whole day working. After taking this medicine, a person gets a good sleep that makes you feel fresh and relaxed.

How does Ambien/ Stilnoct CR work in the body ?

Ambien/ Stilnoct CR are the most popular brand names of Generic Zolpidem. It is a sedative and also known as a hypnotic. It basically works by affecting the unbalanced chemicals of the brain that is seen in insomnia patients. It reduces the excitement of neurons so that brain becomes relax and calm so that a person can take a good sleep.

What is the dosing regimen of Ambien/ Stilnoct CR 12.5 that needs to follow?

Ambien/ Stilnoct CR is available in a dosing strength of 12.5 mg. Initially, advised a dose of Ambien/ Stilnoct CR to the women is 5 mg and for men, it is 10 mg. If 5 mg fails to show its effectiveness, then the dosing can be increased to 10 mg. However, the highest dose a person can take in a day is 10 mg. This medicine can be continued for 4 to 5 weeks without breakage.

What are the noxious effects that Ambien/ Stilnoct CR might cause?

The reported side effects of Generic Zolpidem are tiredness, indistinct visualization, diarrhea, urinating trouble, dyspepsia, unrestrained muscle movements.

What are the safety measures of Ambien/ Stilnoct CR tablets?

  • AVOID the intake of alcoholic products along with Generic Zolpidem as it may cause unwanted reactions.
  • AVOID such works that need the presence of your mind as Generic Zolpidem may cause dizziness and drowsiness.
  • AVOID withdrawing of Zolpidem immediately, as this can cause drug withdrawal symptoms.

What are the contraindications of Ambien/ Stilnoct CR?

  • DO NOT take Ambien/ Stilnoct CR, if you are allergic to any component present in it.
  • DO NOT take Ambien/ Stilnoct CR in case of kidney or liver disorder.


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Ambien is a life saver for me Review by Ellen
I started having sleeping issues since last 6 months and could not sleep properly at night and feel asleep whole day.Problem was going worst day by day and i started taking ambien sleeping pills to get proper sleep.
Ambien is a life saver for me. (Posted on 1/18/18)

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