Pyzina-Pyrazinamide 500mg Tablets

Pyzina-Pyrazinamide 500mg Tablets

Pyzina-Pyrazinamide 500mg Tablets

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Have brief overview about Pyzina 500mg:

Pyzina consisting of Pyrazinamide as active drug moiety is the most recommended and successful drug for the treatment of Tuberculosis and various other bodily infections developed due to invasion and infection of bacteria. This medicine counters the different range of bacterial infections from spreading and infecting the vital body functions. Patients dealing with issues of liver impairment or having acute gout should keep a safe distance from this medicine use.

Have short knowledge about Pyzina mode of action:

Pyrazinamide is an important medicine that is given in combination with other drugs as an important medication under category Multi-Drug Regimen for prevention of TB infection of lungs. The unique feature of this medication action is that though this medicine is broadly bacteriostatic it is the potent bactericidal medicine that prevents the speedy replicating bacteria's from dispersing TB but also guards the medicine infection relapse.

Know the intake scheme of Pyzina 500mg tablets:

Pyzina treats Tuberculosis  in the most effective way when given in strengths proportional to body weight like:

  • Dosing regimen should be 20-25 mg/kg per day or 1.5-3 g three times a week if the patient is an adult person.
  • Dosing regimen should be 35 mg/kg per day or 50 mg/kg three times a week if the patient suffering from TB is a child.
  • The safe dosing strengths for Pyzina medication is not more than 3 g daily.
  • In case of renal impairment dose adjustment is essential.

Know following adverse effects of Pyzina 500mg tablets:

Patients taking Pyzina 500mg tablets can suffer from following symptoms like:

  • Pain and inflammation in regions of joints
  • Loss of hunger
  • Unusual  weakness in body during the course of medicine
  • Feeling of warmth or fever in body
  • Yellowish eyes and skin

Know some cautions you need to take with Pyzina 500mg tablets:

Follow these cautions as mentioned here:

  • In lieu to begin with Pyzina patient must undergo tests such as LFT (Liver Function Test) and also test for rise in uric acid levels
  • Polyarthralgias means pain in different body regions during intake of medicine is quite usual               
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding women and elderly patients must not take this medicine

Know the contradictions to Pyzina 500mg tablets:

Avoid the medicine intake if you have following:

  • Gouty arthritis
  • Higher uric acid levels
  • Past history of Diabetes mellitus

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