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Why use Kamagra? How does it help in making physical relations good ?

Kamagra (Generic name: Sildenafil Citrate) is the perfect solution for combating the male secretive problem of erectile dysfunction as this is an inability of man in achieving or keeping his erection rigid for successful intercourse. Man hesitate to discuss this problem with a doctor or their woman, so they can take this medicine secretively without letting anyone know. Due to harder erection man gives his 100% in bed in front of his woman.

How does Kamagra work in the body ?

The way of Sildenafil Citrate to work in the body is stopping the action of a PDE-5 enzyme that automatically restrains the breaking of cGMP in the male private area. When a man comes in the mood to love his partner, nitric oxide starts getting free in the man's body that is responsible for creating and upholding cGMP in the male pelvic area. Due to this, blood starts streaming with more velocity in male penile part that makes penile muscles widen and relax and lastly gets a harder erection.

In which strength Kamagra needs to be taken ?

Kamagra is available in dosing of 100 mg at our online drugstore. Take this medicine via mouth with an abundance of water. Prefer to have this medicine before one hour of planned love activity.  The second dose you can take after completion of 24 hours, as this medicine remains active for 4 to 5 hours in the body.

Is there are any unwanted reactions of Kamagra that might develop ?

  • Nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Indistinct eyesight
  • Prolonged erection
  • Dyspepsia
  • Back pain

What is the safety info that needs to be followed while using Kamagra ?

  • IGNORE the intake of heavy meals while taking Kamagra medicine as it may make the action of this medicine slow.
  • TELL your doctor if erection remains for more than 4 hours or if it is painful.
  • AVOID going on driving or any work that needs the presence of mind after taking Kamagra as this medicine makes you lightheaded.

In what conditions Kamagra is restricted?

  • IF you have liver disorder
  • If you have kidney disorder
  • If you are responsive towards Sildenafil
  • Already on any type of Riociguat


Kamagra tablet is really helpful in proving masculinity in bed,Buy Kamagra 100mg tablets online at cheap prices.

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