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Hormone & Contraceptives

Hormones have a huge influence on women body be it on regulating monthly menstruation cycle vaginal bleeding, facilitating conception, progressing fertilization, conducting implantation and then preparing women body to accept the every minute change which she encounters whilst her gestation goes forward until the safe parturition till baby birth.

Physiology of one woman varies from another in many possible ways so the treatment and medication vary accordingly. Most studied and enlightening women health issues include

  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Post-menopause &
  • Health of genitals

Menstrual irregularities result in women due to an imbalance of hormone, infections, stress, depression, lethargic diets, alcohol abuse and under adverse effects of certain medications. Irregularities in menstruation are also of different types such as Amenorrhea- absent menstrual periods until the age of 16 years or go off for more than 3 months in a regular menstrual bleeding women. Oligomenorrhea- is not proper menstrual periods either having short or gap of more 35 days. Menorrhagia- is heavy menstrual bleeding & Dysmenorrhea- is characterized by stern cramps & vaginal bleeding. 

Infertility is the condition where women <30 years age fails to conceive a pregnancy after complete 1 year of the trial to conception whereas for women >30 years this TTC (Time to conception) goes short to 6 months. After passing the particular span if pregnancy fails to conceive the issues governing might include Anovulation, difficult implantation due to the thin endometrial lining. In these conditions hormonal injections like Progesterone, HCG, HUCOG, Ovidac, Pregnyl, Clomiphene plays a crucial role.

In Post-menopausal stage usual levels of Progesterone & Estrogen depletes from the body that leads to menstruation cycle end but invites chronic complications like hot flashes, vaginal itching, burning, mood swings, sweating and sleepless nights. After post-menopause it becomes necessary for women to go for a regular check of a suspect of breast & cervical cancer plus should undergo bone density test. several Medicines that can relieve women in post-menopause 

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