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Therapeutic knowledge about Filitra 60mg :

Filitra is the premier therapeutic formula of choice to bring up stronger erection abilities in the organ of man and making him potent to last for long actively performing in bed whilst making out loving cozy moments with a partner. Vardenafil is the pharmaceutical component enclosed within most popular brand Filitra that acts its effect on the men by inhibiting a group of enzymes PDE5.

Method of action of Filitra 60mg:

Filitra on diffusion to blood locks down the function of a collection of enzymes known by name PDE5. This particular set of the enzyme is responsible for the disintegration of molecules of cGMP. So, intake of Filitra medicine will turn up the concentration of cGMP inside the penile tissues and groin to quite higher extent that will make the penile muscle fibers relaxed and blood vessels dilated for smooth flow of blood. Making the penile shaft stood erect and elongated.

Dosing scheme to take Filitra 60mg:

Filitra 60mg can be taken by a man with a glass full of water an hour prior getting sensual with the partner. Once you consume the dosing your erection will go sturdy for 4-5 hours but the effect can be seen only when you receive the stimulation to make out. Men are strongly recommended to not to repeat dosing prior completing 24 hours else side effects might hit.

Malicious effects allied to Filitra 60mg:

Filitra might raise some malicious effects which include a headache, mood swings, diarrhea, dizziness, back stiffness, soreness in the throat, abdominal pain and muscle agony.

Precautions allied to use of Filitra 60mg:

Follow these cautionary measures:

  • Not to booze alcohol or puff cigarette
  • Not to drive and operate machine
  • Not to indulge in strenuous activity
  • Not to take poppers and nitrates medications
  • Not to recommend Filitra to men below 18 years

Exhortations against the use of Filitra 60mg:

Patients are directed to not to take Filitra under cases like:

  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Tinnitus
  • Ulcers in intestine and throat
  • Having issues of blood cells or in case of hypertension
  • Hypersensitivity to medicine use


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