Diabetes is a condition that arises when your blood glucose or sugar becomes too high in the body. As glucose is the main source of energy that comes when you take food. Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas, the work of it is to help glucose from food to enter into the cells so that you can use the energy. Having excessive of glucose in the bloodstream can cause serious health problems. Although diabetes has no treatment you can take medicines to manage your diabetes for staying healthy.

Diabetes is also known as "a touch of sugar" or "borderline diabetes", these terms suggest that diabetes is a subject of concern that needs to be managed.

Type 2 diabetes: In this conditions, your body either does not make or use insulin as well. This condition may arise at any age or even in childhood. It is the most common form of diabetes.

If diabetes is not managed, it may affect you in many ways:

  • It is the main cause of the blindness in working age adults.
  • It is the main cause of kidney failure and dialysis.
  • It can augment the risk of heart attacks and stroke by up to four times.
  • It is the main cause of limb amputations
  • It also affects a person physically as well as mentally.

Type-2 diabetes is increasing at a very faster rate. There are large numbers of people who are silent and undiagnosed with type 2 diabetes that may damage to their body.

Anti-diabetic medicine includes: Diamicron MR | Gliclazide,Glucophage.



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