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Birth Control

Kids make the relationship between a man and a woman complete and turn the love liaison to an important responsibility link too but the fact is also true that is a specific time to step into the parenthood. As every time we get intimate with our lover or not so lover doesn't certify that we are getting cozy to build our family and to have kids. Tiny kids are the need of the family and the desire of very loving couple but for an unmarried couple having kids is not the ultimate goal. This is quite a last thing that an unmarried couple dating with each other want to do……..!

But life is something that seriously doesn't go as according to you and unwanted pregnancy is one such big hurdle in your way that can ruin your relationship with a partner, can damage your career, decline your performance level and might bring much irreversible damages to you. For preventing oneself from falling in such condition the best preventive method available for the treatment is Oral contraceptive pill or birth control pill.

The Birth control pills comprising two female hormones estrogen & progesterone are the preeminent, safe, cheap and almost 100% effective medications for planning the family in your own way. You have to take only one pill in a day from the first Sunday that falls after your periods or begin from the same day you have menstruation.

These pills act best friend to all the sexually active women and make them safe from any unwanted conception/pregnancy by protecting the functions fertilization, implantation and lowering down the hormonal levels. Top birth control pills brands accessible in the market are Yasmin, Yaz, Mircette, Ovral-L, Ovral-G, Dianette, Dronis and Femilion. Emergency birth control pills that one should take within 72 hours to control unwanted pregnancy are I-pill, Plan-B and unwanted 72.

There is several abortion pills available like MTP Kit,RU486,Mifeprex,Cytotec and more



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