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Know in brief about medicine Bimat Eye Drop:

Bimat Eye Drop is a clinically approved, tested and new generation formula consisting of active ingredient Bimatoprost used for the enhancement of eyelash beauty and re-growing the number of hairs in eyelashes. This solution when applied daily on the contour of eyelids patients soon win over there the condition of Hypotrichosis of eyelashes.

Know how Bimat eye drops exhibit its effect:

Bimat Eye Drop exerts its action by dilating the dermal papilla, stimulating the process of melanin synthesis and stretching the phase of Telogen whereas shortening the phase of Anagen makes the eyelash longer, thickness better and color darker in appearance. Another added advantage of using the Bimat eye solution onto the eyelash hairs is that it is immensely beneficial in correcting the condition of an eye called open-angle glaucoma.

Know the exact way to use Bimat Eye Drops:

Bimat Eye Drop is a 0.03% Bimatoprost that is to applied to the eyelash of eyes via the aid of an applicator brush. Now, close your eyes for a while and reopen. Wipe out the excess solution with a neat and clean tissue and had a good sleep. You have to apply this solution onto on your lower eyelash and it will get self-spread to the upper one as soon you gonna close your eyes. Strike a single stroke of the medication stretching a line from inner t0o outer corner of the eye.

Know some contraindications of Bimat Eye Drops:

Use of Bimat Eye Drops is restricted under following medical cases:

  • Liver or kidney function impairment
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding state
  • Allergy to Bimatoprost

Know some of the side effects of using Bimat Eye Drops:

Use of Bimat Eye Drops invites the risk of some side effects such as dry, itching and red eyes, headache, pigmentation in iris and darkening of skin under eyes.

Know some of the safety measures of using Bimat Eye Drops:

  • People have undergone any surgery or injury in eyes or having issues like inflammation, swelling and infection should avoid using Bimat
  • Use of Bimat Eye Drops might blur your vision for a while so doing activities such as operating machine and driving vehicle need to be avoided.  
  • Do not touch dropper tip with hands else solution might get contaminated.

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