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Acne & Skin Care

The breakouts of acne are it in teen years or later in adult life causes discomfort and irritating and bothersome. These breakouts are often hormone generated and can lead to a lesser attractive face or a face that is prone to infection, moreover many of us have the tendency to pour them out which leaves a mark, that should never be done. Almost 9 out of 10 individuals have to suffer acne at some point in their lives, mostly at puberty but it can also occur in later years.

Many times the cause of acne is Cortisol, which is a hormone that aggravates while the person is stressed and causes lead to excess oiliness and inflammation of the skin. However, in women, these breakouts are also connected to menstrual cycle and lowering down to Estrogen levels.

The most occurring reasons for Acne are the blockade of skin and deposition of oil or sebum in the pores, clogging them later. Such skin is more prone to infections as there is enough amount of nutrient to supplement their growth and development. Some other causes of Acne breakouts are stress, depression, and overuse of cosmetics.

A good skin care routine is much needed to get an acne free face. There is a requirement of a daily skin care schedule that assist you in removing excess oil, healing and diminishing the breakouts and keeping the skin clear and infection free. It mostly requires a lot of time and energy thus you can also use products that have all the ingredients in them to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

At our online drug portal, we have various such products chosen carefully for all and specific skin types that help reduce the acne breakout and make your skin look better. Here, we are conscious about your pocket, therefore we have the best creams and products that suit all your needs at the best prices. We have some most trusted and esteemed brands such as  Retin A Cream, A-Ret Gel, Differin Gel etc.

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