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Antibiotics fight bacteria and either stops their growth and reproduction or kills them. Antibiotic means that which opposes life and this does not functionally mean Antibacterials as they are used for disinfectant purposes whereas the latter is used for medicinal purposes. It is important to note that antibiotics should only be used to treat bacterial infections such as strep throat, respiratory, urinary and other infections, any use of such medication for treatment of viral infections such as cold, flu etc can do more harm than profit.

These, however, can be used to treat illnesses caused by parasites and some types of fungus. Antibiotics are also used as a preventive measure for at-risk populations whose immune system has been reduced due to a disease as in HIV cases to prevent pneumonia, those taking immunosuppressive drugs, or cancer patients. They are also used heavily in the prevention of surgical infections.

Antibiotics are heavily used and their classification is vast. They are basically classified on the basis of their mechanism of action, chemical structure, indications or activity. Since the number of antibiotics is overwhelming, it is important that you take the right antibiotic for a given infection. Some antibiotics like Rifamycins, Lipiarmycins, Quinolone, and Sulfonamides have bactericidal activities to them which means they act by killing the bacteria whereas protein synthesis inhibitors like macrolides, lincosamides, and tetracyclines are usually bacteriostatic which means they block the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

There are "Narrow-spectrum" antibiotics which work by targeting specific bacterias such as gram-negative or gram-positive bacteria whereas those antibiotics that act on a wide range of bacteria are called "Broad-spectrum".

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