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Smoking is a social stigma that has ruined the thousands of lives of people around the world. This is a recreational drug that is used in tobacco for inhalation and exhalation purpose. First of its negative consequence is to damage the lungs who inhale it. The second and major drawback of smoking is its causes suffocation in the people who lived around the smokers. It is not a very easy task to quit smoking on other person advice because it does not go easily. These days some new solutions have been employed in the form of Anti- Smoking drugs that can help you in leaving the harmful and injurious habit of smoking.

Anti- Smoking agents are the group of medicines that are available in the market that helps in quitting smoking. After taking these medications, a smoker does not crave for tobacco but also minimizes the smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Any person falling into this category can choose Anti-Smoking medicine:­–

  • If you smoke more than single pack on daily basis
  • If you smoke within 5 minutes after waking.
  • If you are sick and even in that condition you smoke
  • If you smoke to ease your tensions

Apart from quitting smoking, Anti-Smoking medicines give you relieve in nicotine leaving, depressed mood, urge to smoke once, depressed mood, trouble in staying sleep, frustration, irritation, anxiety feeling and increased in weight.

Anti-smoking medicines by reducing the urge of nicotine allow a person to concentrate on the behavioral and emotional aspects of smoking. The action of these medicines is not quick as that of nicotine obtained through the smoking. These medicines work on the central nervous system and augment the concentration of neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin by avoiding the uptake of nicotine. In this way, these medicines decrease the craving for nicotine and dependency on smoking.

Some of the brands of Anti-smoking medicines are Chantix-Champix | Varenicline Tablets, Nicotine Polacrilex GumZyban SR 150 Tablets - Wellbutrin - Bupropion


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