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Anti-anxiety medications are given to the person who is going through anxiety disorder. These are the most common mental disorders that are followed by the feeling of extreme worry or nervousness.  People who are dealing with anxiety try to avoid every situation that can trigger or worsen their anxiety symptoms. Anxiety affects not only the private life of person dealing with anxiety disorder but also his job performance or school work and personal performance. Sometimes, an anxious person may crosses every limit of extreme fear or panic attacks that are often seen by confusion, trembling, shaking, nausea and trouble in breathing.

Insomnia simply means trouble in sleeping, it is a sleep disorder that is also named as sleeplessness. Most of the people all over the world are going through insomnia and it has become one of the most prevalent problems affecting millions of people. This condition generally arises due to psychiatric, medical conditions, healthy sleep habits and due to many other causes. The effects of insomnia lead to sleepiness during a day, sleepiness, irritation and common feeling of unwell.       

Depression has become one of the most common problems that are also known as common cold of illness. It mainly affects people either physically or psychologically. It is not only annoying or sad but also a disorder that affects the mind. It influences thoughts of a person. As the behavior of depressed person has already badly changed, thus the persons related to them are also influenced. However, there is a need to take anti-depressant medicine as soon as depression is recognized.

Trusted brands available for treating anxiety are:-Librium, Pex-2, Tranax, Xanax, Zolax

Trusted brands available for treating insomnia are Ambien 10mg, Ambien CR 12.5mg, Provigil.

Trusted brands available for treating depression are Valdoxan, Stablon.

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