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Valdoxan Tablet For Easy Recovery From Depression

25.07.18 Posted By ilieana

The sad feeling is something that many of us experience. This is normal reactions to our difficult times in our life and this passes normally with time. In person having depression, they find hard to concentrate in their everyday life. This causes pain for both the person who has depression problem and to those who care for him or her. This is Depressive Illness not a person’s character flaw. Most persons facing this sort of problem needs time to get heal up.

Genetics, brain biology, and lifetime events such as trauma, loss of loved one, stressful situation, and any worse experience bring a person to go into depression. This can happen at any age but is often observed in early teens 20’s or 30’s. Not everyone who is suffering from depression possesses the same kind of signs.

Valdoxan is the proved medication for removing your depression problem so that one can live freely without any kind of worry and stress. Lifecycle, hormonal, biological, and psychological factors are the conditions that are related to higher depressive rate among women. One should not think there is no solution, we are here to show you the right path of how to get your problem corrected with Valdoxan easily and safely.   

Valdoxan is classified under the category of the Anti-Depressant group. This medicine is meant for ridding off depression problem among adults. It is composed of Agomelatine as a chief active component. This functions differently than other anti-depressants. Depression affects your day to day life and is quite distressing so using Valdoxan will help in coming out from depression problem.

Agomelatine behaves as antidepressant medicine by acting as agonists at melatonin receptor sites such as MT1 and MT2. It also functions as antagonists at serotonin 5-HT 2C receptors. Melatonin is the hormone that is released through the pineal gland and is mostly produced as soon as it gets dark. It balances the circadian rhythm and helps in proper sleep induction. Agomelatine mimicks the activity of melatonin. It works in regulating the wake/sleep cycle, promotes mood, appetite, and body temperature. It brings forth the quality of sleep thus proving anti-depressant action.

The starting dosage is about a single pill of strength as 25 mg every day only used at bedtime only. When signs do not get corrected in about 2 week time then escalate the dose to 2 tablets every day used at bedtime only. It can either be used with meals or without meals. The treatment is normally done for 6 months.

Missed dose: When skipped then forget taking the dose and use the next dose as normal. You should not double the dose to cope with missed dose.

Instructions related to contraindications and safety advice!!

  • Patients diagnosed with hepatic disorder and elders with dementia should not use this medicine.
  • Children whose age is less than 18 years should never consume this medicine.
  • Patients having an age group that lies over 75 years should never use this drug form.
  • People who have sensitivity to its ingredients should never consume this drug form.
  • One should prevent drinking up of alcohol as this can trouble and cause sick issues.
  • Chance of dizziness is huge so avoid driving or indulgence in machine operation.
  • A frequent blood test is required to know about your hepatic functionality.
  • Before using in pregnancy or lactating mothers, ask your doctor.

Common forms of aftermaths you may observe are as abdominal pain, dizziness, tired feeling, nausea, insomnia, back pain, weight gain, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, and feeling sick.  

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