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Stop Depression From Ruining Your Life, Take Valdoxan Tablet

23.07.18 Posted By ursela

Depression is a common but a very serious medical health condition that has deep impacts on how you feel, think, behave and act. It is said to be the biggest cause for disability and is a rapidly growing condition as well. Depression is well manageable and treatable condition though unfortunately enough many of don’t either don’t seek or don’t get proper therapy.

Depression as expressed in general terms is a feeling of sadness or gloom that is pervasive and stays for a longer period. The person suffering from Depression feels a loss of interest in day to day activities and a bunch of physical and emotions problems can arise from it. This condition has a huge toll on the productivity of a person as the mood to indulge even in the daily tasks or tasks that once made the person feel happy are gone.

A few symptoms of depression are mentioned below:

  • Low, sad, depressed and gloomy mood along with a loss of interest in daily and other activities.
  • Appetite change, loss or gain in weight
  • Insomnia or excess sleep
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Increase in physical activities that serve no purpose such as pacing up and down, the movement and sleep gets slowed
  • The feeling of guilt or worthlessness
  • Difficulty in making a decision

Depression influences about one in 15 adults which is 6.7% in a given year also, about one in six people which makes up for 16.6% will get affected by this condition in their lifetime. Depression can happen at any time though it usually first affects people in late teens to mid-20s and women are at a higher risk of developing Depression.

Data obtained from a few studies show that about 1/3 of the females are likely to be affected by an episode of Depression at some point in their lives. The loss of life of a cherished one, lack of an activity or the end of a relationship is hard times and such people are at more risk to develop ED even though going through a sad phase is not depression, it is something much more serious and needs immediate attention.  

Valdoxan is a very popular anti-depressant medication; it is the first preference of people who are suffering from mild to moderate depression. It contains Agomelatine as its active remedial agent which instills calmness and makes you feel better. After the administration of this medication the sad feeling is gone and you feel rejuvenated.

Agomelatine exerts effects by acting as an agonist of melatonin and antagonist of serotonin and brings about a chemical change which takes away the low and depressed mood.

Valdoxan is a tablet formulation taken with water irrespective of food. The usual dose for Depression is Valdoxan 25mg taken orally with water at bedtime once daily. The dose can be increased to 50mg (two tablets) daily at bedtime.

Some unwanted additional features or side effects are constipation, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, fatigue, migraine, trouble in sleeping, and back pain.


Make your doctor aware of the medications you are taking along with this one. This medication might make you feel sleepy or drowsy during the daytime as well, do not drive and talk to your doctor if it gets intense.  

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