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Get Instant Relief From Anxiety And Feel Relaxed With Alprazolam Tablet

18.07.18 Posted By pemella

Anxiety is a very common mental health condition that affects millions worldwide, it is the most prevalent mental health condition and yet people suffering from anxiety do not get the best available treatment options due to various factors, one of them is the lack of awareness about the condition and people don’t want to go to a doctor till the condition blows up. In the past few years we have seen the condition improving and people have started to accept and talk about their struggle and victory over anxiety as we have seen various celebrities come up and be public about their issues as well.

  1. There are several types of anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, agoraphobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  1. This condition affects the sufferer physically and mentally as well. A few physical symptoms are dizziness, shaking, headache, nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and there are many other symptoms as well.
  1. This condition is also the most common mental health condition in the United States. An estimated 10 percent of teenagers and 40 percent of adults are affected by this condition.
  1. This condition is quite treatable and there are many options available, there are also many medications available that can help manage anxiety though unfortunately about 2/3 of the adults gets proper treatment and in teens it is even higher, just about 1 in 5 teen sufferers do.
  1. As per the statistics available, women are more afflicted by anxiety then men are.
  1. This condition is not about simple fear and apprehensions, a phobia is seriously debilitating and there is an intense feeling of panic that makes the sufferers go great length lengths in order to avoid any encounter with the subject that triggers their phobia such as height, closed space etc.
  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is also a type of anxiety and it does not only affects the war veterans but also affects other people who have suffered severe trauma such as survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, accidents, or other disasters including natural disasters.
  1. Anxiety can get triggered by the surrounding stress or traumatic life events but it can affect anyone at any point in his/her life.

Alprazolam is an FDA approved a generic drug used heavily for the potent management of various types of anxiety disorders. This is an active ingredient and is available under various brand names such as Pex, Tranax, and Zolax.

Alprazolam comes under the category of Benzodiazepine drugs. It acts by binding with GABA receptors thus forming a complex that has improved affinity for a neurotransmitter called GABA. It hyperpolarizes the cell membrane by opening the chloride channels and thus offers a calming response and manages anxiety.

Alprazolam oral tablets are available in dosing strengths of 0.25 mg; 0.5 mg; 1 mg; 2 mg; 3 mg. For anxiety management 0.25mg to 0.5mg Alprazolam thrice a day is taken and the daily dosing limit is 4mg/day. For panic attack 0.5mg thrice a day or dose of 1mg once a day is commonly prescribed with the maximum daily dose being 10mg/day.

The side effects of Alprazolam are drowsiness, sedation, poor concentration, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, and decreased appetite.


Do not stop taking medication suddenly as that causes withdrawal symptoms. Don’t take it if you are allergic to Alprazolam.

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