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Best Help To Anxiety And Depression Cases Is Given By Valdoxan Tablets

02.01.18 Posted By geller

Every other person around us is suffering from the common condition called stress that’s when get overdue gradually turns to depression. The brain is the vital part of our body that regulates our daily activities, thoughts, and actions. Therefore, tries to keep your brain refresh, energetic and boosted. But this really doesn’t mean that for every single anxiety episode you should rush to your nearby pharmacy for the anxiety and depression medication. There are certain specific conditions in which the medication such as Valdoxan should be given to the patient. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • When panic attacks of anxiety turn frequent and intense: Not curing this condition will influence your relationship, ability to work and our ability to hold upon your life
  • Patients having agoraphobia or any other types of phobias might face difficult time with this disease, therefore, needs a treatment with medication
  • When patient is suffering from acute anxiety crisis due to significant reason: in conditions such as interview, public speaking or dealing with the grief due to loss of someone near cam impose a burden of stress and anxiety over the head of the person
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder is the condition needs a special treatment with tranquilizing medications else, the condition of patient might worsen


Natural approaches to treating a particular health condition always works best when the patient is prescribed with an impeccable medicine like Valdoxan consisting Agomelatine as the active generic constituent. Practices like meditation, yoga, and aerobics will give a significant boost up to the recovery process of the patient when he is struggling with the poor mental condition.

The dosing regimen of Valdoxan:

  • Valdoxan 25mg is the most prescribed dosing for patients struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • This medicine should be taken with water only once in a day after having food before going to be at night
  • Dosing levels can be raised to 50mg, after 1 week if the patient doesn’t observe a significant change in their condition

Action mechanism of Valdoxan:

Valdoxan clasping Agomelatine as the performing moiety acts by antagonizing the action of 5FHT-2/Serotonin receptor and agonizing the effect of melatonin receptor in the body establishing resynchronization with the circadian cycle.

Side effects of taking Valdoxan:

Patients consuming Valdoxan medicine can get some side effects such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, fatigue, sweating, rashes and dry skin, abdominal pain.

Cautionary trails you have to look for:

  • Cutting down the alcohol booze
  • Avoiding the caffeine and nicotine abuse in any form
  • Avoiding hands-on riding and machinery handling  

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